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I’ve discovered what I’m passionate about in my business. And I’ve implemented the team systems to focus my time on my passions. I enjoy the mortgage business again…100% because of this group.

Brian HeckmanThe Heckman Mortgage Group

Attending the mortgage marketing animals event has transformed my business to a level I never thought possible. I went from averaging 5 purchase contracts a month to averaging 17 contracts a month, and the best part while working less hours and traveling with my family. I highly recommend it to every loan officer.

Eddie FooshangThe Eddie Fooshang Team

This is what the event did for me: From January to May, I only had 8 transactions total; from June to December, I had 52 transactions, which 85% of them were purchase transactions. The previous year I had only closed a total of 30 transactions with more than half of them being refinances.

Ivan AcostaLeaderOne Financial

I have a whole new definition for what a ‘world class event’ really is… The difference between the Animals event and every other I have ever experienced is summarized in two words: Life changing. The strategies I learned and the relationships I formed have played a huge role in the massive increase in my business and the quality of my life. Don’t miss this!

Richard SmithSuccess Mortgage Partners

I had no idea how much my career would change for the better after walking into the First Day of the 3-day Event with Mortgage Marketing Animals. I was even more clueless how much my life would change. Thank you to these wonderful people who inspire and change lives.

John Hinks Jr.The John Hinks Jr Team

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