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How to close more purchase loans (all from referrals) without working nights and weekends. Get step by step blueprint of scripts, emails, text messages and “Loan Getting Strategies”. Proven to get you more loans without working nights and weekends.

  • How to build NEW realtor relationships.
  • Learn my Most Effective phone & in-person scripts.
  • My Facebook private message ninja business building strategy that I use.
  • How this WILL WORK for ANY type of mortgage company, no matter how new, how old, how small, or how much you have been struggling!
  • Why the REAL MONEY is in your follow-up & overcoming objections.
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Transform your business by having AGENTS CONTACTING YOU. A true “turn key” answer to “what do you say to agents that will have them come to you”.

We all know that teaching your referral partners how to build their own business may very well be the best way to get loan referrals from them. So instead of you having to go and research the classes, then figure out how to do webinars, then having to actually do the classes, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

We teach your agents for you on weekly training webinars. You get a list of all the attendees and the only way they can watch past classes is by contacting you.

We have referred thousands and thousands of agents to individual LOs using this clever system. Don’t get left out of this one and have another LO in your area pull away your referral partners!!


A weekly invitation to send out to all of your referral partners

Personalized Registration

A personalized registration page for your agents to sign up (you get notified when they do)

Boot Camp

A four part boot camp to get you started

Private Fb Page

A private Facebook page to ask questions and mastermind with other members

Agent Fb Page

A private Facebook page for your AGENTS where they can ask questions and mastermind with other agent members

Replay Page

A replay page to send to your agents of the last 10 classes

Enter Into A World Of Increased Business

Check out some previous class snippets below

Stay in Front of Your Clients on Facebook

Did you catch my class where I taught you how to stay in front of your past clients, current clients, and future clients for 2-3 hours per day on Facebook? If you’re not doing this already, then I urge you to look into doing this. Imagine how powerful it would be for someone to see your ads running on Facebook, a site that most people visit multiple times throughout the day. Watch this video to learn more.

Video Marketing Tips

I have a few valuable tips to wrap up from the Agent Mastermind Video Marketing Class today. In case you missed out, I review some key take backs on how to improve your video marketing and original content you create. First off, do a trip of the week. This provides a consistent schedule with valuable information for you and your audience alike. Watch this video for more useful information.

Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

We recently hosted an Agent Mastermind class dedicated to solely Facebook. Believe it or not, it can help you tremendously grow your business. For instance, it’s incredibly important to create a brand on your Facebook page. You’ll also want to consider creating private Facebook groups for different neighborhoods in your area. Watch this video for more information!

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